Why research?

When buying a boat new or pre-owned, the first question in mind is how you wish to use the boat either in-shore, offshore, river or canals.

Things to consider:
• Look at a boat that will suit your personality and lifestyle requirements
• If you are into fishing, water-sports or cruising with friends and family this will have a massive impact on the design and usage of the boat and accommodation size
• Will you boat seasonally or all year around as this will depend on how you will store the boat?
• Do you have room at home in your drive for a trailer or alternatively berthing at your local marina or moorings?
• Set out your budget on what you can afford
• Remember the amount will include costs in boat maintenance, boat insurance, boat registration fees, boat equipment, boat storage and safety courses if applicable
• What is your experience in boating?
• If you are a boating beginner it is always advisable to get some training on-board first
• Information is free so take your time to talk to us for any questions, friends who own boats, online forums, boat reviews and boat shows

If you have any questions about buying a boat please give us a call on 01903 713684 or 01243 514292 or 023 9246 9777; drop us an email through our get in touch form or just simply pop-in and see us.

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